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Jocelyn S., Novi, MI 

Thank You for the referral of tutors and it was very nice meeting Mr, Freeman yesterday. He stated his background is more English, writing etc... he has to brush up on Chemistry. I believe we are good with tutors for now. Ashton's chemistry grades from last test has improved and his Dad is going to work with him,because that is his area of education. I appreciate your help and concern and I told Mr. Freeman I will keep him in mine for future references.

Jim A., Farmington Hills, MI

Our daughter is a freshman at Mercy high school in Farmington Hills. We are looking for a tutor twice a week to meet with our daughter after school at Mercy and go over math, english and if possible, Latin. I know you are in-home tutors, and if worse comes to worse we could do that, but we would prefer to have the tutor meet her at the high school at 3-5pm two days a week. Wondering if this is possible? Thank you.” “Thank you but we no longer need your tutoring services. Thank you so much.”
– Shari A.

Krystal G., Southfield, MI

Good afternoon Alicia...I just wanted to say thank you for sending us Mr. M.! He was on time and very informative.. My daughter enjoyed the session with him. He explained it to where she understood, there were no issues.. In fact she danced when he left & told me she loved it.. I'm so appreciative on the first day!! Also, the only question I didn't ask were the prices for tutoring. I would like to have Mr. M. once every weekend for 1 hour."


"As far as the math retake test, I will give it to him some time on Wednesday. He passed the quiz that was given today--he scored in the 70s.

He will still need to retake the fraction/mixed number addition and subtraction test. Thank you. I think with your support, he will be much more functional next quarter, though I wish he would decide to be more functional in class.

I am hoping the two will come together, as he gains more confidence with his work, he will want to be more productive in school as well."

Angelic H., Dearborn Heights

Online Tutoring: "I'm she was wonderful with Adrianna working her with her math homework. I'm in also Adrianna pointed out that she likes her too but she would like for someone to be here in person"

Gee Family, Southfield, MI

I. Harris is working out very well for Camryn. She is a substitute teacher at Camryn's school and has been able to speak directly with Camryn's teachers to find out where she needs help and that has been great!"

Robinson Family, Detroit, MI

We really liked Ted” and "Lawrence connected very well with him I will call him possibly Saturday to set up sessions for next week." According to Mrs. R., Mr. Cooper and Lawrence connected and she would like to schedule sessions with him

Robinson Family, Detroit, MI

We really liked Ted” and "Lawrence connected very well with him I will call him possibly Saturday to set up sessions for next week." According to Mrs. R., Mr. Cooper and Lawrence connected and she would like to schedule sessions with him

Khuteja A., West Bloomfield Hills, MI

Hi, My Daughter Nurain has ADD and even though she has a sharp mind she is failing many of her classes. Please advise if there is any summer program available for her.

Meg M., San Jose, CA

Math Tutor For Jr High Needed"- "Hi. We need someone to come to the house but thank you very much for sharing your info."

Tina D., Livonia, MI

Thank you, things are going pretty good we just need to push math just as hard as reading.

Dena P., Rochester Hills, MI

Ms Harris was here today. She is an excellent fit and she and Morgan set a session for next Sat. We will be continually using her at least once a week. I haven't found a time yet that works for Ted and us as well yet

Duron W., Ferndale, MI

Thank you but I already hired a tutor for my son just yesterday... But thanks again.

Jocelyn S. from Novi, MI

Ashton is very happy! I'm satisfied he is a great fit! He is professional and has Ashton full attention. We will meet again January 2017! Thank you!

Kathy D., from Morris Plains, NJ

Hi - Thank you for your interest but we would rather an in person tutor experience

Shari A., from Farmington Hills, MI

Meghan loved working with Ted. I think this will be a perfect match. Thank you so much

Thami M., from South Africa

my name is Thami I'm a parent of a child who starting her High School grade 8.I'm situated in Pietermaritzburg in KZN. my child is struggling on Maths and English ,I wish to help her through your tutorial service. I also want to know where are you situated? can my child use your service in this area mentioned above?

Debra T., from San Antonio, TX

Yes, we're ready to begin. Please send the online application. Thank you

Robert's Math Teacher, from Wixom, MI

Robert’s tutor could work with him on positive and negative number rules and operations since this is the unit we are working on for the next 3 weeks. Robert would benefit from seeing that material outside of class, then being able to apply the concepts in class—double learning

Sharon C., from Lathrup Village, MI

Good morning Grant. I wanted to express my thanks and gratitude to you. My budget is limited and I have always been honest about that. You are the best tutor anyone could possibly have and when things get better you are definitely the one we are going to call first. Happy Holidays, thank you again!

Cassundra B., from Southfield, MI

Her daughter's ACT overall score improved and she vastly increased her score on the science section of the exam.

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