How is Brainiac different from a learning center?

It’s not necessary to drive anywhere. Our tutors come to your home, office or online. The tutoring session format we primarily use is the one-on-one method, along with our tutoring cycle platform. Your child will receive personal attention and feedback from a Team Brainiac tutor during and after each session.

No, we recommend that you reschedule cancelled sessions as soon as possible with the assigned tutor(s). We do offer a rollover credit program.

Our professional tutors are certified teachers and/or professionals with degrees from various accredited universities. They have teaching and/or tutoring experience in various subject areas and go through a pre-employment screening process and nationwide criminal background check, including our international tutors.

Our tutors follow the curriculum your child is utilizing at school, whenever possible.

Yes, we will ask you to sign a form allowing permission to contact your child’s teachers or email confirmation. Please note that we encourage all responsible adults to communicate with teachers weekly to monitor the progress of their children.

We understand that your child needs to be comfortable with his or her tutor in order for effective learning to take place. Therefore, we will refer you to another tutor when requested (based on availability).

It usually takes at least 48 hours to match your child with a tutor (based on availability and receipt of payment). In most situations, the tutor will contact you to schedule an appointment within 24 hours after he or she is in receipt of your request. All international tutors will communicate via email.

Yes, adult learners who are currently enrolled in accredited testing centers, schools or online district-approved programs will be charged a slightly higher rate.

Brainiac’s grade-level online or paper academic assessment is available for a nominal fee. The academic assessment is an educational tool utilized to find the appropriate tutor for your child, as well as which concepts will require reinforcement to prepare your child for grade-level assignments and/or the next grade-level. Also, we do offer a free baseline assessment for reading and math.

We recommend purchasing a minimum of 8 sessions per child. It usually takes that amount of time to see a measurable difference in your child’s classroom assignments and grades. In addition, some children will improve with 10 or more sessions per month depending on their learning levels or not passing classes.

We recommend purchasing at least 8 -10 sessions to prepare you or your child for taking standardized tests. It is best to purchase one of our package deals for specialty services such as standardized test preparation (ACT or SAT).

If you prefer less than 5 sessions per month or you prefer not to purchase a package deal, you have the option of selecting our pay-as-you-go plan at a slightly higher rate. Please note that our standardized test tutors will provide assessments, plan of action and practice tests for all standardized test prep services.

If your child is not attending some classes in a school building or failing more than one online class or subject, the rate could be slightly higher.

Can you help my child online with homework?

Yes, we are offering online tutoring via our various educational portals during Eastern Standard Time (EST). We do our best to accommodate your time zone when scheduling online tutoring sessions.


Yes, we can provide tutorial services to small groups at local schools with proper authorization or the home of one of the students in the group (depending on availability), or online group sessions (best option).

Yes, our professional tutors are able to meet you at a local public library or even at your child’s school. However, tutoring generally takes place in the home and/or online.

Our tutors will give you feedback based on their notes after each session. Also, they may ask you to contact your child’s teacher(s) to determine whether the assessment/educational goals are being met.

No, you are encouraged to read our guidelines and policies before enrolling for any tutorial services, including free sessions. Once tutoring starts, you are expected to abide by our Terms of Service and Payment Policy to prevent late fees and/or interruption in services. 







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